Magpie and ExpressionEngine

Shortly after launching a redesign putting the blog on the homepage, linking to a services overview, and moving the site onto ExpressionEngine, I’ve gone and redesigned things yet again, this time paring down content.

While I’ve reduced pages on the site, I’ve added some bits to the homepage that I’ve been meaning to do. My links—bookmarks I gather and post on the web—are now pulled in on the right using the ExpressionEngine Magpie plugin. They were there when I launched this and have since disappeared; I’m assuming that this is the result of too many hits from my server and with an extended cache timeout, once they’re available again they’ll reappear. Caching is a great feature all around in ExpressionEngine. I was really tiring of the page load lag when I was pulling the feed in by JavaScript/JSON. Now it’s server-side and cached.

I’ve also used Magpie to pull in the latest entries from Modern Homes New England. MHNE is currently just a WordPress blog I’m maintaining, that I plan on building out into a community/blogging/periodical site. I look for something to post on MHNE every day, more frequently than C77, so I’ve been looking to pull that content in here as well.

[Just checked while writing this post: links are back.]

As for the design, I like the header pic. That’s me on the laptop. I also wanted to focus on the content and implement some nice text treatments and layout. There are only four images on the site: The two RSS icons (courtesy of Feed Icons), the header photo, and the gradient in the footer. The latter two are PNG-24, with transparency in the gradients so that they don’t include the background color in the image. That means I can update the entire design by changing 6 colors in the CSS. The current palette is based on Giant Goldfish at Colour Lovers. As I like to do, all page elements are coded using em sizes (rather than px), so the entire design scales up or down with the text, typically via ctrl+/ctrl- (cmd+/cmd- on mac) on your keyboard.

And that’s the new design at